Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kalev: David Beckham is a football player.
Joosep: Bruce Willis is an actor.
Sandra: Kristina Šmigun is a cross-country skier.
Helena L: Mackenzie Rosman is a
Helena I: Rihanna is a singer.
Johanna: Maarja-Liis Ilus is a singer.
Romet: Allen Iverson is a bascetball player.
Rasmus: Carl Lewis is a long jumper and sprinter.
Markus: LeBron Raymone James is a basketball player.

famous people

1. Jaan Ranap is a writer. He has written children,s books
2. Erki Nool is anathlete. he has taken part in the Olynmpic Games.
3. Ellen Niit is a writer. she has written poems forchildren and for grown-ups.
4. Veljo tormis is acomposer. he has written choir music.
5. Tõnu Kark is an actor. He has acted in many film.
6. Maarja is a singer. He has sung in the Eurovision song contest.
7. Navitrrolla is a artist. He has painted a lot f pictures.

Monday, March 24, 2008

My holidays

In my holidays I have stayed at home and I read books and played computer games. Every day I slept for 16 hours at least and was up to 8 at morning. I drank a lot of juice and milk. I liked running with my dog.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Present Perfect Simple

Test B

1.jooma- drink, drank, drunk

I drink every day.

2. kohtuma- meet, met, met

3. minema- go, went, gone

4. kirjutama- write, wrote, writen

5. kaotama- lose, lost, lost

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Exersice 9

I have been to London once.I went there with my family and by plane. We went there at last spring.
I have been to Iseland once. I went there with my family and by plane at last summer.
I have been to Corsica once. I went there with my family and by plane. We went there in 2004
I have been to Malaisia once. I went there with my family in 2006. We went there by plane.
I have been to Paris in2001. I went there with my mother. We went there by plane.